Unraveling Animals by Juame Montserrat

emptyland-jaume-1From http://www.thisiscolossal.com:

“I tend to have weird dreams too when sleeping on a plane, but nothing comes close to those of Jaume Montserrat. While on a flight home the Barcelona based illustrator dreamt he was on a Noah’s Ark-like island and ‘there was only one animal from each specimen. All of them were empty, asexual and immortal. They didn’t need to hunt, nor were they scared of being hunted – so there was a perfect symbiosis.’ And thus came the inspiration for his series ‘Emptyland,’ a surreal representation of unraveling animals often depicted as being intertwined with each other. At first glance the drawings are a little creepy, but upon closer observation there’s actually something very peaceful about them. (via ghost in the machine and iGNANT)”

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